Why choose BOXit&move if you are moving

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Moving has always been a big hassle for everybody: from having to go through and make an inventory of all the things you own, finding storage options to make sure your belongings don’t get damaged during the move to actually boxing every item, transporting them and rearranging them in the new home.

Usually, the go-to-solution are cardboard boxes, but it’s always difficult to find as many as you need, they are hard to carry, they get crushed easily during a transport, they tear or get wet. Not to mention that they are incredibly hard to store or recycle afterwards.

But there is an easier, more economic and eco-friendly solution: the BOXit&move green boxes!

BOXit&move is easy, cheap and fast!

Instead of bending over backwards to find and buy all the cardboard boxes or other storage solutions you need to move, you can order, with just a few clicks, the number of BOXit&move green boxes and moving kit most suitable for your needs. Once you select the best package deal for your move, we ensure next-day delivery, right at your doorstep.

The BOXit&move green boxes have ergonomic handles and a durable cover and are easy to use, without bending or taping and don’t need assembling. Not to mention, you have everything you need in the moving pack (boxes, dolly, zip-ties, labels, delivery & pickup).

Although you may think cardboard boxes are not so expensive, once you realize you need more than a couple of dozens to store and move everything, the price tag goes up fast.

BOXit&move green boxes are cheaper than cardboards and you can easily stack boxes to maximise the capacity of the car you are using for moving. You also save a lot of time since the green boxes don’t require assembling and can be quickly transported with the help of the dolly included in every moving kit.

Saving the planet, one BOXit&move green box at a time!

Did you know that in order to produce 150 cardboards a tree is cut down? The BOXit&move green boxes are environmentally friendly and are made of 100% recyclable plastic.

They can also be used up to 400 times before we recycle them. And, unlike with the cardboard boxes, you don’t have to worry about what to do with them once you are done moving.

You just call us, and we pick them up right from your new house or office.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go to www.boxitandmove.lu and choose the moving package that’s right for you!



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