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Tips & tricks for an efficient house move

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Moving is certainly a stressful endeavor. Having to go through basically everything you own and then wrap, box and transport it to a new home can be quite overwhelming. Even so, you can tackle a move head-first and make it more efficient with a couple of tips & tricks we’ve gathered below.

Get organized and plan ahead

Easier said than done, but if the move has been a long time coming, you can take advantage of this and outline a clear moving plan. Use a moving checklist. Purchase and gather any materials or services that will assist you in the process and make the move more efficient - such as booking a moving service, buying tape and labels, procuring moving boxes, etc.

Set up a labeling system

To be really efficient when moving, it’s important to label storage boxes not only by the room they came from but also by priority or which should be the last ones on the car you are using for moving and first off. You will definitely need some belongings to use for the last days before moving and in the first days at the new home. This will help you find important items quickly and ease the unpacking process.

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