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Saving the planet, one green moving box at a time

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

People are beginning to realize the extent of the damage made to our planet and are, fortunately, starting to be more aware of the impact even the smallest daily habits have on the environment.

There’s a world-wide zero-waste movement gaining momentum, trying to change consumption routines, and battle pollution. And it all starts with the smallest gestures and extends to all aspects of our lives.

Did you know that you can even make moving to a new house or office more environmentally friendly?

Might come as a surprise to find out, but a tree is cut down to produce 150 cardboards - and these are the same cardboards people use to deposit their belongings when moving. Even more so, some of these cardboard boxes cannot be recycled and end up in landfills or are burned, which produces CO2 that pollutes the atmosphere. But recycling the rest, although it is energy saving compared to the manufacture of cardboard from virgin wood, is a process that also consumes a lot of resources, that definitely has a negative impact on the local and global economy.