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5 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Housewarming Gifts Moving

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Moving is indeed a big endeavor in everybody's life. Thus, it comes to no surprise that, after the process is all over, people are eager to throw housewarming parties. Of course, taking into consideration the current situation, such parties should now include just small groups of close friends.

Even with the ongoing restrictions, people are happy to share the way their new "pad" has turned out, or are just looking for another reason to meet up with friends. So, what do you do if you are invited to celebrate a new home and you are concerned with limiting waste and a smaller footprint on the environment?

How can you make sure you are offering your friends a thoughtful present? One which they will actually use and that is, at the same time, safe for the environment? Look no further, we've gathered for you 5 ideas for eco-friendly housewarming gifts.

  1. Plants

Basically, this is one the best eco-friendly housewarming gifts you can give! Besides the fact that they actually produce oxygen, they also make a space feel more cosy and bring life to a room. They control humidity in dry months and are also great mood-boosters. If your friends have a balcony, you can even buy them dedicated planters with colorful flowers. Even more so, help them plant their own herb garden.

There's also a solution for people who don't have a green thumb. Especially, if they are forgetful when it comes to watering plants: cacti or succulents. They come in all sorts of beautiful shades of green and blue and are easy to take care of since they require minimal maintenance.

2. Eco-friendly kitchen tools

If your friends already have plants in their new home, you can opt for sustainable kitchen utensils as eco-friendly housewarming gifts. They are made from recycled wood or bamboo. You can find a wide range of tools or sets available in specialty stores. Whether we are talking about different sized and shaped spoons and spatulas or cutting boards, these are all light weight and heat resistant. Pair them with a bamboo or cloth storage basket and you just might have a winner.

3. Cloth napkins or table covers

Remember when our parents or grandparents used to throw elaborate family dinners? And everybody would be nicely dressed and sit at a table with elegant covers and cloth napkins? At that time it probably seemed a little too much, but now the trend is back. Why? Simple, no more waste with paper napkins or table covers. Besides, you have to admit, it does add fanciness to any type of dinner while helping save the environment. You can find such items mostly in home & deco stores. But you can also browse the web for artisans who make unique pieces, which you can even have embroidered with your friends' initials.

4. Reusable accessories such as straws or shopping bags

In an effort to cut plastic waste, the EU has begun banning certain single use items such as straws, cups, plates, or shopping bags. Luckily, there are a lot of cool sustainable alternatives! Moreover, these are also saving people money, since they are bought only one time and can be used for several years. So, if you are looking for some cool eco-friendly housewarming gifts you can always choose accessories such as:

● a set of bamboo or stainless steel straws (most of them come in sets of two or more, with a small cleaning brush and a cool storage bag)

● cotton totes or totes made from recycled materials (highly fashionable and hip, with eye-catching designs, they are both useful when going shopping and a style statement)

● a glass or bamboo to-go coffee cup or water bottle (there are so many options available, you just have to find a design that would appeal to your friends' tastes)

5. A basket of organic goodies from local farmers

Last, but not least, since it's right up there with plants when it comes to eco-friendly housewarming gifts: a basket of locally grown vegetables, herbs or fruits. First of all, this is definitely a gift they will use ... eat! These baskets usually contain goodies that are in season. This means you can be sure the farmers aren't using damaging insecticides or chemicals to hurry up growth. Secondly, by buying such boxes, you are supporting local farmers and organic agriculture. It's a win-win, either way!

Let us know in the comment section if you have any additional ideas for eco-friendly housewarming gifts. And, if any of your friends is about to get a new home and needs a moving solution that is considerate towards the environment, you can always recommend they rent BOXit&move moving boxes for an easy, fast, and zero-waste move.

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