Be responsible! Rent, not buy packing materials!


Why you should rent Boxes and don't buy cardboards

We are used to looking for cardboard boxes in supermarkets and stores when we have to move. Most of the time they don't have the size we need, they are not the same, they have various stains or adhesives on them.


Even if we search on Amazon for packing boxes or relocation packages, we bring them home disassembled and we have to use some scotch rolls to assemble and strengthen them.


By the time we fill them, the house is full of towers of empty boxes. Sometimes they don't hold the weight of what we put inside and they break. 

 After moving, we have a lot of empty boxes that we have to get rid of. We can't take them to the trash.

We have nowhere to keep them. We don't have time or how to transport them to the recycling center.

Moving boxes have always been a problem when we had to change our home or office.


But besides boxes, we always need many other objects and products that help us.


Of course, the easiest way is to hire a moving company. But we don't seem to be comfortable when someone works into our personal belongings.

And we don't always have a big enough moving budget to do that. We can call friends and relatives, but are they available?


Do they have the time or desire to help us? So ... we can handle ourselves.

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What do we do with glasses and fragile objects?

What about the bed mattress, which is white, easy to get dirty, and big, hard to handle?

How do we move all those boxes of things around the house and then to the car without breaking our backs and being left with long-term consequences after each move?


How do we move heavier furniture items?

Above you will find packing materials, everything you need for a less stressful move. We have reusable plastic moving crates that keep you from looking for cardboard boxes and getting rid of them after moving.


We have glass dividers, mattress covers, moving belt adjustable straps for heavier objects, and furniture. Hand trucks and dollies for transport. Recyclable and Antistatic Bubble Wrap to protect paintings, mirrors, decorative and art objects.

No matter how hard the move may seem, let's talk and I'm sure we will find solutions together to become only a reason for joy, not one of stress. Packing up is easier with professionals than by yourself. 



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