Do you need a man and a van service, quick and reliable?

  • You need to move a few boxes or small furniture from one place to another.

  • You are at IKEA or a household goods store, looking for a van to transport your shopping.

  • You have rented green boxes from us and they are more than your car can carry. 

Many times we have to transport something too big for our car but too small for a truck.


From the point of view of efficiency, of environmental protection, of speed, the best option is a man and van hire.

The most affordable moving service in a city like Luxembourg is the removal van hire.

One of the frequent questions in the offices is "do you know a man with a van near me?"

The benefits of using a man with a van service:

  • you have a driver, you don’t need to drive

  • you don’t have to leave a deposit for renting

  • the man with van prices are per hour 

  • you don't have to pay assurance for the van 

  • you don’t have to pay for the gasoline, it’s included 

  • you don’t have to pick up and return the car

  • the van is always clean, spacious, available 

  • there is not a minimum distance between the two points

  • the driver can be hired to help you carry the stuff

  • an additional man or men can be hired by the hour to help 

  • is the most affordable way of transport goods 

When is appropriate to call for a man with a van service?

When your moving stuff is not much enough for a truck

When you bought furniture or home decorations


When you have a refrigerator or any other home appliance to take home

When you remove a delicate fragile item that needs a special care



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