Dealing with self-packing becomes funny and joyful. 



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Book the most convenient delivery date and time of your green moving boxes. We ensure delivery right at your doorstep. 

Schedule pick-up time and date of your eco-friendly moving boxes right from your new house or office.

It is not always worthwhile or necessary to turn to move companies to pack our items.

Whether we are talking about moving to another apartment or house when the dearest and most intimate personal items must be carefully packed.

Either we move our office and we have countless important documents that must not be lost, mixed up, or damaged.

Whether we help a friend or relative get over the stress of a move more easily and show our solidarity by offering our time and sometimes even a move package gift.

Self packing helps us to:

  • make an inventory of the things we have and a selection of those that are no longer useful to us

  • donate what is no longer useful for us, but for others, it can be essential

  • realize what objects we need to modernize or replace

  • spend time with close family, friends, colleagues

  • remember events, happenings, trips from the past

  • save the money we could give to a moving company and use it at the end for a small moving party in the new house or office

Packing help of Boxit & Move makes you to:


Do not leave your house or office to look for boxes for packing things. Just enter the website and schedule delivery of the packing materials




Stop filling your house with bulky empty boxes




Don't forget what you put in the boxes using the labels included in each package


Move the boxes lightly from one room to another or from one closet to another with dollies included in the package

 Pick Up 

Don't worry about empty boxes after moving, just enter the website and schedule a free pick up and we will take them from your door

Did you know that?

In order to produce 150 cardboard boxes, a tree is cut down? The average number of boxes for a domestic move is about 50 medium boxes, while for an office move it’s much higher. How many times did you move until now?

The saying “Moving Three Times Is Like Having Your House on Fire Once”, meaning that moving naturally incurs such losses and damages to your stuff that moving three times would be equal to what one would lose in a fire, is an adaptation of the quote by Benjamin Franklin that "Three removes are as bad as a fire."

Luxembourg is one of the countries with the highest rate of relocations, both domestic and business removals, and the rate between those moving from Luxembourg and those coming to the country is 1 to 2 in recent years?



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