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Recicled moving boxes from BOXit&movevs

Rent eco-friendly moving boxes

and pack EASY, FAST and ZERO-WASTE

Let's move GREEN this year!

Benefits of renting Green Moving Boxes



  • our moving boxes are cheaper than cardboards


  • stacking boxes to maximize your moving truck’s capacity

  • prepare your moving without leaving the home, we offer you delivery & pickup

  • you can keep the boxes as long as you need. Get a coupon for a supplementary rental week


  • our moving boxes can be used up to 400 times before being recycled, those from in cardboard only 1-2 time

  • recycled moving boxes, made in Europe, from 100% recyclable material

  • renting moving boxes you don't have to worry about what to do with the cardboards ones when your moving is done


  • do not waste time with assembling boxes and to learn how to fold a moving box

  • delivery & pickup directly to your door and on your schedule

  • easy to move with a dolly included in the packages 

  • the capacity of a dolly up to 4-5 full boxes



  • waterproof

  • crushproof

  • tearproof

  • locked with free zip-ties to ensure your boxes are secure during transport

  • ergonomic handles and a durable cover

  • easy ordering, next day delivery

  •  easy to move with a dolly included in the package

  • easy to use, without bending or tape

  • all you need are included in the moving pack ( boxes, dolly, zip-ties, labels, delivery & pickup)

BOXit&move - Eco friendly moving box, re

Plastic moving crates

Boxit&move small pack.jpeg



25 Moving Boxes

1 Dolly

 Labels & Zip-ties

 Delivery & Pickup

89 EUR (VAT included)

BOXit&move medium moving kit



40 Moving Boxes

2 Dollies

 Labels & Zip-ties

Delivery & Pickup 

165 EUR

(VAT included)

Boxit&move large moving pack.jpg



60 Moving Boxes

3 Dollies

 Labels & Zip-ties

Delivery & Pickup 

215 EUR

(VAT included)

Moving Kits

Book the most convenient delivery date and time of your green moving boxes. We ensure delivery right at your doorstep. 

How BOXit&move works?

  • You have three options for moving kits which you can rent, depending on your needs.

  • You simply choose when and where to receive the plastic moving boxes and we offer next-day delivery, free of charge.

  • You, then, have up to two weeks to use the green boxes and move your belongings (you can extend the rental period anytime).

  • When you are done, we pick up the boxes from your new house or office. The whole process is hassle-free and can be done in a few clicks on our website.

  • We provide free delivery and pickup anywhere in Luxembourg.

We deliver. You pack. We pick up.

You say when and where you receive the boxes. After you place the order, choose your dates. 

delivery boxit&move.jpg

We deliver

  • Fast, next day delivery.

  • You choose when and where you want to receive the boxes.

pack boxit&move.jpg

You pack & move

  • Move without stress. You have until two weeks time to move your stuff.

pick up boxit&move

We pick up

  • When you're done, we pick up the boxes from your new house or office.

Woman Sitting on Desk

Rent moving boxes for relocate your office in Luxembourg

Let us make your office move a breeze with our easy-to-use plastic moving boxes!

Our eco-friendly moving boxes will keep your equipment safe and secure, while also saving you time and money. Compared with cardboard boxes, you can move the boxes without effort using our dollies.

With zip-ties included in packages, all your items are secure during transport.

From 100 boxes to 500 or more, we have what it takes to make your office relocation a simple process. 

We recommend using 3-4 moving boxes per employee, plus 4 boxes per shared common space, like kitchen, copy room, etc.



          2 WEEKS RENTAL      

60 Moving Boxes

4 Dollies

 60 Labels & Zip-ties

 Delivery & Pickup

215 EUR

(VAT included)


        2 WEEKS RENTAL        

100 Moving Boxes

6 Dollies

 100 Labels & Zip-ties

Delivery & Pickup 

345 EUR

(VAT included)



to find out the 

 recommended amount

of boxes needed to move your office. 


 3 Guarantees BOXit&move

On-time delivery

We guarantee that you will receive your moving bins at the time you want. Additionally, we offer you emergency same-day delivery.

Lowest price

With each purchase, you will receive a 1, 2, or 3 dollies, depending on the package chosen, labels, zip-ties, and free delivery & pickup.

Disinfected boxes

All moving bins are disinfected after every use. And, because our boxes are made of plastic, it's impossible for bedbugs to nest or hide in them.

What do our customers

say about us?

“Thank you much for this eco-friendly initiative and delivering and picking up the boxes in current Covid time respecting the social distance. 
The moving boxes were great, strong, big to keep our stuff in proper order, easy to carry, no tape, and all required. In short awesome 
Loved it and definitely recommend it !”

— Nishtha --


“We were very happy with the moving boxes! They were easy to fill and easy to handle... and even our children can help, the 2-year-old is in charge of rolling them to the place where his father gathers them to bring them to the car.”

— Anouk ----

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